Friday 27 May 2011

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The longhouse was built in 1936 and located 4km from Kanowit town. Accessible by road and river transport. There are 64 door or families stayed in this longhouse which 53 make up the longhouse proper. Population in this longhouse is 409 people which 216 are females. This longhouse is the 2nd Homestay Program operator approved by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. There are 14 trained homestay operator from this longhouse. Our Homestay Program offers comfortable and clean accommodations,  daily “longhouse style” breakfast and email access for international visitors and their families. This longhouse is located at the riverbank of Kanowit river and its have all public facilities  including internet facilities.

How to get there
Located 118 KM from Sibu town area. Visitors have few choices to go to Kanowit either by bus (RM8 per person one way) / Taxi (RM50 per taxi one way) or by expressboat (RM8 per person  for one way). From Kanowit town to Rh Benjamin Angki you can hop on the local van.

Indoor activities at this longhouse is almost similar with other longhouse where tourist will be invited to joint their “family” routine activities such as go to the farm, repair the fishing net, etc. Other than that you also have the opportunity to try making you own rice wine, cook your own traditional food in bamboo (manok pansuh), fried your own “kuih jala” or “penyaram”.

We also will offer you traditional Iban dance, Ngajat session. Don’t be surprise that your instructor would be the primary school students…. Fishing is one of the activities at the homestay program. If you enjoy fishing, then you can do so, ask for the fishing rod from your “family”. They will teach you how to use the tradition fishing rod. If not you joint the jungle trekking. Used the proper attire like wearing head, long sleeve shirt, shoes and of course bring your own drinks. The trekking will take you at least 45 minute to 1 hour.  

Staying at the Trang Lodge
If you wish to stay at the separate place, visitors are giving an option to stay the lodge. Located at the Kanowit riverbank and in front of the longhouse. There are 2 rooms with aircond, sitting area with a set of sofa and washroom.


Daily Package
· welcoming drinks
· Cultural dance
· Foods and drinks
· Longhouse tour & story sharing session
· Entrance fees.

Package 2 Days 1 Night

Day 1
· Welcoming drinks
· Cultural dance
· Accommodation
· Foods and drinks
· Longhouse tour & story sharing session
· Jungle Trekking
· Entrance fees

Day 2
· Blowpipe demonstration
· Handicraft making
· Indoor traditional games

Optional Activities
(Can be arrange upon guest request)
· Fishing safari
· Rubber tapping & processing the rubber
· River cruise using local boat
· Ranyai and betaboh session
· Try yourself Iban traditional costume

Attractions nearby

Fort Emma
Located at Kanowit town and only 5 minute drive from the longhouse. Fort Emma was built by the White Rajah and one of the historical place in Kanowit. For more information on Kanowit, you can get it from Historical Gallery which located at the on the ground floor.
For those who want to check their email they can go to the 1st floor.

St Francis Xavier Church
The oldest Church in Kanowit. Located along the way from the longhouse to Kanowit town.

Tut-Tut Boat tour
Famous water transport from Kanowit town to SMK Sedaya for the local. It cost you only less than RM2 per person for short trip.

Kampung Sg Bedil
Located 10 minute by boat from Kanowit town. Bedil means Canon. This Canon is giving by the white Rajah to remark the peacemaking among the local community during Rajah era. You still can see the canon at this village.